PutYourHandUp provides a place where you can register your name online as a willing volunteer. We will email you information about events needing volunteers as we hear about them.


How do I volunteer?

To join our list of registered volunteers, just register your name and email address. You can unsubscribe at any time too.


What happens once I am registered as a volunteer?

From time to time we will send you emails about events or projects requiring volunteer help. We will provide links to each event’s web site where you can find details such as type of event, date, location, number of volunteers and any other details or skills the event organiser may require.

If you want to register on as a volunteer for an event, you can then do so.

Please note that registering with PutYourHandUp does not mean automatic registration or acceptance as a volunteer to help at any of the events advertised.


How much does it cost me to register?

Nothing. To register on PutYourHandUp as a volunteer is FREE.


What sort of events might I be able to volunteer for?

There are many events that may appear on our event calendar.

Event organisers are always on the lookout for dedicated volunteers. Upcoming events in New Zealand that we think organisers will want to recruit volunteers for include:

1. Rowing World Championships 2010

2. U19 Cricket World Cup 2010

3. Rugby World Cup 2011

4. IPC Athletics World Championships 2011