Event Organisers

PutYourHandUp for event organisers provides:

  • an easy online way to recruit volunteers
  • a fully featured online database linked to your website for registrations
  • an easy way to communicate with volunteers both before and during your event.

How does PutYourHandUp work?

To inform our list of registered volunteers about your event, just follow these steps:

   1. Tell us about your event - for contact details click here

   2. We contact you to set up your customised event database

   3. Link your event website to your new event database

   4. We will notify registered volunteers about your event

   5. Interested volunteers then register into your event database

   6. You can:

  •  track volunteer registrations
  •  commence email communication with your volunteers.

Volunteers who approach your event website directly will register into the same online database so all your volunteer information and communication requirements can be fulfilled using the event database we supply.


How much does it cost?

We charge a small setup fee to event organisers, plus an amount per volunteer that registers in your event database.


What do I get for the fee?

We supply a complete online multi-user software solution

We notify our list of registered volunteers about your event

We support and help you save time and money whilst efficiently managing your event.