Our aim is to create an online family of volunteers that can become a first point of contact for event organisers.

The system was created last year by monitoring the processes used to find volunteers during the 2008 FIFA Women’s U17 World Football Championships This year, it was proven at the FIBA Men’s U19 World Basketball Championship. Organisers said it made a “dramatic” difference, saving more than 50% of volunteer time across most tasks and more than 90% on registration data-input time.

The new system has been developed by ClubHub, who are based in Auckland.

ClubHub provides sporting and recreational clubs with membership management systems. ClubHub began when its founder, Maurice MacLaren, who has an IT background, decided there had to be a better way to run his local soccer club. His goal to allow club volunteers to fulfil their role and access club information efficiently online has been successful, with the system now being taken up overseas.